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About the Academy

About academy

The Academy was created for those who consider Agile their path and aspire to grow and become true Agile Coaches. During 4 sessions they comprehend not only the concept of Agile, but also multiple methods and practices, and prepare to start using them on a regular basis. What is more, the Academy focuses on developing facilitation and coaching skills, essential to assist the teams and individuals in changing their way of work, communication and collaboration.

The mind of the Academy is Arie van Bennekum, co-creator of Agile Manifesto. Arie, in collaboration with Mindstream, offers you a program adjusted to prepare you for the role of professional and accredited Agile Coach.

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Content of
the Academy

Content of
the Academy

01___4 sessions

02___4 modules


04___Learning with the experts

05___IFAAI Examination Certified Agile Coach

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Scrum Masters
Agile Coaches
Product Owners
People with basic
knowledge about Agile

planning to become
Agile Coache
During the Academy you will learn , how to transform
the organization successfully,
how to make people appreciate and value the help of Agile Coach.

The Path of
Agile coach


Before the project starts:
individual interview
and participant’s assessment
według with 8 Competency ITAM Method.

The meeting is in English.

Nowadays more and more organizations initiate Agile transformation, promoting alternative approach to team work, leadership and organization itself.

Understanding Agile as more than just one more method is essential to realize Agile benefits. And so, the module follows so called agnostic approach. Full spectrum of Agility is going to be covered. From the basic team effort to delivering corporate value and usage of MVP in IT and outside of it as well.

This module is essential for people working in Agile domain, and becoming ready for the next level of their own or team efficiency. It helps to overcome obstacles and improve on product delivery.

The meeting is in English.

Agile Coaches need to learn and exercise how to design and lead high-quality team sessions. Only too often Agile practitioners use Facilitation not understanding and appreciating the skills necessary to do so. Leading Agile transformation calls for specific Facilitation-specific competencies and creating brand new models of leadership, basing on collaboration rather than just cooperation.

Forementioned skills were identified and described by IAF – International Association of Facilitators. Our own Arie van Bennekum, one of the co-creators of Agile Manifesto and early adopter of Facilitation skills by IAF, combined two streams – Agile and Facilitation – for last two decades. Now he made the same within the program of the Academy.

It is a two-days, practical workshop designed specifically for experienced Agile practitioners willing to grow and practice their facilitation and leadership skillset. Participants will have an opportunity to exercise the rites of Agile with instant feedback, consider the group dynamics and evolve their basic competencies. After the workshop there is an opportunity to continue education and eventually to achieve CDP Certificate – Certified Professional Facilitator (issued by IAF).

The meeting is in English.

During this module participants learn the theory of coaching, resistance overcoming, conflict handling and much more. They gain the skill to use coaching concepts and the basics of applied psychology. Exercises are going to be presented and conducted to assure not only the insight into coaching ways, but also ability to repeat them with people under coach’s care.

The meeting is in English.

Agile transformations and improvements, advances on any level of Agile in your organization, based on Integrated Agile Transformation Model (IATM).

Participant learns how to advance the levels.
How Agile are you?
How Agile is your organization?

Do you use Agile to assure real benefits for the business? Or, are you trying to implement true end-to-end to no avail? Do you want to work in Agile way, but the business expresses doubt?

By itself, Agile is easy to apply, or so it seems. Still, many organizations never succeed in realizing true benefits, end-to-end approach, better business value, early delivery of the product. What is the cause of failure, and how to avoid it? These are the topics to be covered during this module.

5 online meetings

This coaching is going to be based on your work, areas for improvement and new information influencing your working situation.

You can count on the support and advise of professionals.

Dates are scheduled individually with the participant.


van Bennekum
Mc Mahon

"You are the Architect of your Own Life"

Arie is a pragmatic who embeds his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense. He has done this from his early days in the health care and the military forces up to where he is today. This eventually led to being one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto and expert in the area of Agile transformations, Agile Project Management, team facilitation, Agile techniques and business involvement.

He has developed models for organizational competencies, the transformation process, coaching types and other topics which facilitate an Agile transformation, a not so easy job. He is nr 1 publication is the Agile transformation framework IATM. He has created a team around him of highly skilled Agilists with various profiles, from technical development coaches to psychologists, to support the human and organizational aspects of the transformation.

Believe in his team, facilitating them to reach for their best combined with client and end user involvement has his focus when he speaks, presents, demonstrates and lectures about Agile as thought leader of Wemanity, thought leader of EXIN, thought leader of IFAAI, lecturer at Universities or presents at conferences.

Arie is IATM Gold+ certified, Certified professional facilitator, DSDM certified.

Senior executive, Agile practitioner and Agile coach, all in the wrapping a registered accountant with an MBA.

Natasia is a heavy duty expert, able to help organizations forward. She understands how to combine very senior responsibilities with innovation and helping an organization forward.

Next to deep understanding how to run a large company (she has been for years on the Executive board of one of the largest companies in South Africa with a huge financial annual responsibility), she is able to handle this in the Agile world today. She developed for example the Agile Business Continuity model.

She developed for example the Agile Business Continuity model which helps organizations surviving in todays dynamics in a way that provides overview, insights and opportunities.

Finally, she has been involved in the world of education, working at the university of Johannesburg, helping students in their growth by providing deep experience and excellent guidance.

Natasia is known for her social and commercial skills and deep understanding of the responsibilities on the senior executive level. Those skills help her to connect and empathise easily which opens ways to help individuals and teams forward.

Business psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in shaping the success among leaders, employees and teams across local and international corporations. Operating many roles, such as Executive Coach, HR Project Manager, Trainer. Expert in employee performance review and leadership development in Talent Acquisition process. Executive Coach and Accredited Coaching Supervisor – first Polish woman accredited by Coaching Supervision Academy (UK) (acc. EMCC, ICF ap.), possess certifications also from ICC and Zen Coaching.

She is a member of global coaching team in global consulting potentate The Center for Creative Leadership (Global TOP5 Leadership Education).

Ahe authored Polish adaptation of Full Supervision in Coaching Spectrum Model (FSM, CSA) and SFERA Model (SPACE).

Honorary VP of The International Society for Coaching Psychology. Co-author, content manager and post-graduate studies supervisor in Akademia Profesjonalnego Coachingu,

Business Practitioner, creator of training company Mindstream Ltd., providing wide array of accredited Project and Process Management Training. Her business acumen stems from managerial experience as Project Manager and Department Head. She managed product introduction, delivered training and marketing for established products. She lead projects in IT, marketing and education.

She is a qualified trainer with years of practical practice, having well over 4500 people in the training rooms. She specializes in training and lectures on project management and management overall. She is accredited in PRINCE2, AgilePM, Change Management, Value Management and Management 3.0.

She proudly holds the role of PM and MBA lecturer in Collegium Da Vinci (Poznan), Wyższa Szkoła Administracji i Biznesu (Gdynia), Uniwersytet Zielonogórski, Wyższa Szkoła handlowa (Wrocław) oraz Uczelnia Łazarskiego (Warszawa).

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management, following internationally accepted approaches,
  • Agile Organizational Management,
  • Management 3.0,
  • Communication and team work,
  • Change Management,
  • Business psychology


graduation diploma



IFAAI exam


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  • Price is 8 900 PLN net / 2 000 EUR
  • Price includes:
    – all essential educational materials
    – trainer consultation
  • You get Shadow Coaching free of charge
    – Shadow coaching value is 3 000 PLN net
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It is prudent to know the basics about Agile and have some experience working in Agile environment. A certification in AgilePM Foundation or Scrum Master may prove to be useful.

Agnostic, in the context of IT, refers to something generalized enough to be interoperational across multiple systems. Term may apply not only to software or infrastructure, but also to processes and business practices.

Almost identical meaning is behind ‘Agnostic Agile’: Agility is adaptive within a system, depends on a context and is not, by necessity, a recipe for specific framework or method.

It is an online meeting, lasting 1 hour at maximum. The one before the Academy examines your knowledge, your professional acumen. At the end of the Academy your participation is going to be summarized, and the application of your gained skills in your daily work discussed. Also, we discuss 8 competencies each Agile Coach should represent.

Integrated Agile Transformation Model